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   Your Benefit Statement   

Your annual Benefit Statement was mailed with the latest edition of the SERS-O-GRAM in mid-August. Beginning this year, your statement only shows the last four numbers of your Social Security number to help protect you from identity theft, which has become one of the most frequent and costly crimes in the U.S.

Your Benefit Statement provides specific information about your SERS account and lists any service you may have with a reciprocal system, any service you may be eligible to purchase or repay, and states your service credit in months as well as years.

It also lists your named beneficiaries in the Death Benefits section. You may change your beneficiaries at any time by completing and filing with SERS a new Nomination of Beneficiaries form (available on-line). We have received several new beneficiary forms with different addresses than what is on the member’s W-4 form. A new address on a beneficiary form doesn’t automatically update your address with SERS (see below).

If You Didn't Receive Your Benefit Statement

Chances are good that you have an incorrect mailing address with the Comptroller's Office. We instructed the Post Office to return all statements with an incorrect mailing address to our office, in order to identify all inaccurate mailing addresses on our database. Last year over 4,000 statements were returned to us!

If you change your address, you need to complete a new W-4 form with your agency Payroll Clerk. This allows the Comptroller’s office and SERS to maintain a current, up-to-date mailing list for any information we send to members in the future. In mid-October, we will send all unopened, returned statements to the agency Retirement Coordinators to distribute to their employees. If you don't receive your statement by the end of October, please contact us.

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