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   SERS Board of Trustees Retired Member Election  

SERS Board of Trustees Retired Member Election

Every five years we hold an election for an retired SERS member who had been retired for at least one full year to serve a five-year term on the seven member board.

To be eligible for candidacy, the retiree must file a Statement of Candidacy and have a Nominating Petition signed by at least 100 retired SERS members. (For more information about the election, see the Time Line below.)

On May 1, 2006, ballots will be mailed to all qualified SERS retirees. These ballots must be sealed in the envelope provided and received in our office by May 30 to be counted.

The SERS Board of Trustees meets four times a year to review disputed benefits, reviews and approves the annual operating budget, approves legislative initiatives, and administers policies & procedures. Some trustees serve on the Board because of their position in State government. Others are appointed by the Governor because of their particular expertise.

We encourage all SERS retirees to participate in this election, since we all have a personal interest in the finances and benefits of SERS. If you’re interested in running for the Board position, contact our offices in Springfield (217-785-7017) or Chicago (312-814-5853).

Who is on our Board of Trustees?

1   Public member appointed by the Governor to serve as Chairman

1 Active member appointed by the Governor

1 Annuitant appointed by the Governor

1 Elected active SERS member

1 Elected SERS annuitant

2 Ex-Officio Members: the Director of the Governor's Office of Management & Budget, and the Illinois Comptroller

2006 Election Time Line

January 3 Nominating Petitions and Statement of Candidacy forms may be obtained from SERS.
February 20 Nominating Petitions and Statement of Candidacy forms must be returned to SERS.
February 28 Lottery conducted for ballot order (if necessary).
March 1 Last day for candidates to withdraw from election.
May 1 ELECTION. Ballots and special INFORMER mailed to all retired members.
May 30 Last day SERS may receive ballots.
June 13 Results of the election announced.
July 17 New Board members begin five-year term.

Election Procedures

Nominating Petitions/Statements of Candidacy

When we receive Nominating Petitions and Statements of Candidacy forms from a prospective candidate, they will be reviewed and the eligibility of the nominee will be verified. These forms will also be date-stamped to determine ballot position if necessary.

Nominating Petitions received on or before the first day for filing nominations will be considered as received at 8 a.m. on the first day for filing nominations. Verification of the Nominating Petitions and Statements of Candidacy will be certified by checking the signatories Social Security numbers with the annuitant files for eligibility. A sampling will also be done to verify signatures.

Upon verification of the petitions/candidacy statements, the nominee will be notified by mail. If a nominee is disqualified due to an erroneous candidacy statements and/or petition, he will be notified.


Ballots will be mailed out to all retired members on May 1. If any mailed ballots are returned to SERS as undeliverable, they will be kept unopened. If a correct address or remail request is received, they will be mailed again. All ballots and/or envelopes will be marked as official upon their return.

If a retired member requests an additional ballot due to not receiving the mailed ballot, he must complete a Lost Ballot Statement and return it to SERS. A replacement ballot will then be sent. The replacement ballot must be returned within the time limit.


The SERS Board of Trustees has appointed the State Board of Elections as its agent to assist in the canvassing process. A Post Office Box will be rented with access limited to the State Board of Election personnel for the return of all ballots. After all of the ballots are returned, the State Board of Elections will pick up the ballots and store them in a locked room.

Returned ballots, in their envelopes, will be separated by Contributing Member/Annuitant. Any ballots returned after the last day to return ballots will not be counted. After canvassing begins, they will be checked for validity. Candidates will be notified of this process and may have observers present. Final results will be delivered to the SERS Executive Secretary.

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