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   HMS Eligibility Audit   

HMS Dependent Eligibility Audit

HMS Employer Solutions is an independent third-party audit company who Central Management Services (CMS) has contracted with to verify the eligibility of dependents covered under the State Group Insurance Program. HMS specializes in verifying health plan eligibility and has audited verification documentation for hundreds of thousands of dependents for some of the largest employers in the United States. Experience and expertise are necessary to complete this audit carefully and successfully, and to limit the inconvenience to participants.

This dependent eligibility audit is necessary to ensure only eligible dependents are enrolled in the State of Illinois Group Insurance Program.

Letters were mailed on September 25, 2013 only to those State retirees and survivors who cover dependents under their Group Insurance Plan. Please read the letter and the Question and Answer page carefully to ensure that you send the correct documents to verify your dependent’s eligibility. Any questions about this audit should be directed to HMS at 1/877/658-0596.You can also visit the HMS website at

NOTE: Due to the Federal government shutdown and possible subsequent delays in the government’s processing of IRS tax transcript requests, those members who need to order a federal tax return transcript should go ahead and do so. If a response is not received within two weeks, members should request an extension of the documentation deadline to HMS. Members should refer to Question 13 in the Dependent Verification Audit, Frequently Asked Questions document for instructions regarding how to order the transcript and Question 10 for instructions on how to request an extension. The deadline for requesting an extension is October 25th.

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