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   2005 What's New Archive   

1/5/05 Insurance Update (Pharmacies Participation)

  1/10/05 ARCP Option 1 Final Statistics

  2/4/05 Informer Mailed to SERS Annuitants

2/10/05 Medco replaces Caremark as of July 1, 2005

3/4/05 New Legislation Link

4/3/05 Retiree & Survivor Benefit Statements Mailed

4/12/05 Medicare Part D Press Release

4/27/05 FY06 Retiree/Survivor Insurance Rates

4/27/05 SERS-O-GRAM Newsletter Mailed

4/27/05 New SERS Member Handbook

 5/2/05 Informer Mailed to SERS Annuitants

 5/5/05 Federal Tax Withholding Calculator

 6/2/05 Legislative Activityas of 8/4/05

 6/5/05 ARCP Signed into Law

 7/8/05 Press Release on Medicare Part D

 8/2/05 2005 ARCP Letters Mailed to Group 1 Employees

 8/18/05 2005 ARCP Letters Mailed to Group 2 Employees

 8/25/05 Annual Benefit Statements Mailed

9/28/05 Medicare Part D/Notice of Creditable Coverage

 9/9/05 2006 Workshop Schedule is Online

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