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Job Titles In Alphabetical Order


Job Titles
911 Analyst III
Account Clerk I and II
Account Technician I and II
Accountant Advanced
Accountant Supervisor
Accounting Fiscal Administrative Career Trainee
Accounts Payable Processing Analyst
Accounts Payable Specialist
Accounts Processing Analyst
Actuarial Assistant
Administrative and Technology Director
Administrative Assistant I through III
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
Administrative Clerk
Administrative Coordinator
Administrator of Capital Programs
Administrator of Construction Administration
Administrator of Contract Administration
Administrator of Fair Employment Practices
Administrator of Fiscal
Administrator of Information Management
Administrator of Information Systems
Administrator of Personnel
Administrator of Professional Services
Administrator of Public Affairs
Administrator of Quality-Based Selection
Administrator of Strategic Planning and Training
Appeals & Orders Coordinator
Appraisal Specialist 1 through 3
Assignment Coordinator
Assistant Art-in-Architecture Coordinator
Assistant Chief – Police
Assistant Internal Auditor
Assistant Legal Advisor
Assistant Manager
Assistant Personnel Officer
Assistant Professor Scientist
Assistant Reimbursement Officer
Assistant Steward
Associate Director for Administrative Services
Associate Museum Director
Associate Professor Scientist
Auto Parts Warehouse Specialist
Auto Parts Warehouser
Automotive Attendant I and II
Automotive Mechanic
Automotive Shop Supervisor
Budget Analyst I and II
Budget Operations Director
Budget Principal
Building Services Worker
Building/Grounds Laborer
Building/Grounds Lead 1 and 2
Building/Grounds Maintenance Worker
Building/Grounds Supervisor
Bureau Chief
Business Administrative Specialist
Business Analyst I through IV
Business Manager
Buyer Assistant
Capital Budget Analyst I and II
Capital Budget Director
Capital Programs Analyst I and II
Capital Programs Technician
Carpenter Foreman
Cartographer I through III
Chief – Police
Chief Veterans Technician
Circuit Provisioning Specialist
Civil Engineer I through IX
Civil Engineer Trainee
Clerical Trainee
Communications Director
Community Planner 3
Compliance Specialist
Conservation Education Representative
Conservation Grant Administrator 1 through 3
Construction Supervisor I and II
Consumer Policy Analyst
Consumer Program Coordinator
Contract Executive
Coordinator of Administrative Services
Coordinator of Art-in-Architecture
Corrections Caseworker Supervisor
Corrections Clerk I through III
Corrections Food Service Supervisor
Corrections Maintenance Supervisor
Corrections Maintenance Worker
Curator I through III
Data Processing Administrative Specialist
Data Processing Assistant
Data Processing Operator
Data Processing Specialist
Data Processing Supervisor 1 through 3
Data Processing Technician
Deputy Chief Counsel
Desktop Technician
Director of Licensing
Director of Security
Division Administrator
Division Chief
Division Director
Division Supervisor
Economic Analyst I through IV
Electrical Engineer
Electrical Engineer I through V
Electrical Equipment Installer/Repairer
Electrical Equipment Installer/Repairer Lead Worker
Electronics Technician
Elevator Operator
Endangered Species Secretary
Engineering Aide
Engineering Analyst I through IV
Engineering Manager I and II
Engineering Technician I through V
Environmental Scientist I and II
Executive Assistant
Executive Assistant I through IV
Executive I through VI
Executive Secretary 1 through 3
Federal Funding and Public Safety Director
Financial & Budget Assistant
Financial & Budget Supervisor
Financial Management Director
Fiscal Executive
Fiscal Officer
Gas Engineer I through IV
General Counsel and Regulatory Director
General Services Administrator I
General Services Technician
Geographic Information Specialist 1 and 2
Geologist I through IV
Graphic Arts Design Supervisor
Graphic Arts Designer
Graphic Arts Technician
Grounds Supervisor
Highway Construction Supervisor I
Historical Research Editor 2
Historical Research Specialist
Horse Custodian
Horse Identifier
Hourly Assistant
Human Resource Coordinator
Human Resources Analyst
Human Resources Assistant
Human Resources Associate
Human Resources Manager
Human Resources Officer
Human Resources Representative
Human Resources Specialist
Human Resources Trainee
Human Services Casework Manager
Human Services Grant Coordinator 2 and 3
Industry and Commercial Development Representative 1 and 2
Industry Services Consultant 1 and 2
Information Services Intern
Information Services Specialist I and II
Information Systems Analyst I through III
Information Systems Manager
Information Systems Planner
Institutional Maintenance Worker
Instrument Designer
Insurance Analyst I through IV
Intermittent Clerk
Intermittent Laborer Maintenance
Internal Auditor 1
Internal Communications Officer
International Marketing Representative 1
IT Manager
Janitor I and II
Junior State Veterinarian
Junior Supervisor Scientist
Labor Maintenance Lead Worker
Laboratory Manager II
Laborer (Building)
Laborer (Maintenance)
Landscape Architect
Landscape Architect I through IV
Landscape Planner
Laundry Manager I
Legal Assistant
Legislative Liaison I and II
Liability Claims Adjuster 1 and 2
Librarian 1 and 2
Library Aide I through III
Library Associate
Library Technical Assistant
Licensing Assistant
Line Technician I through II
Local History Service Representative
Local Housing Advisor 2 and 3
Local Revenue and Fiscal Advisor 3
Maintenance Equipment Operator
Maintenance Worker
Maintenance Worker Power Plant
Management Information Technician
Management Operations Analyst 1 and 2
Management Secretary I
Management Systems Specialist
Management Technician I through IV
Manpower Planner 1 through 3
Medical Administrator III and V
Methods & Processes Advisor 1, 2 and III
Methods & Processes Career Associate 1 and 2
Microfilm Operator I through III
Military Administrative Assistant I
Military Administrative Clerk
Military Administrative Officer-Legal
Military Administrative Specialist
Military Community Relations Specialist
Military Cooperative Agreement Specialist
Military Crash, Fire, Rescue I through III
Military Energy Manager
Military Engineer Technician
Military Environmental Specialist I through III
Military Facilities Engineer
Military Facilities Officer I
Military Maintenance Engineer
Military Museum Director
Military Program Supervisor
Military Property Custodian II
Military Real Property Clerk
Motorist Assistance Specialist
Museum Director
Museum Security Head I through III
Museum Technician I through III
Network Control Center Specialist
Network Control Center Technician 2
Network Engineer I through IV
Office Administration Specialist
Office Administrator 1 through 5
Office Aide
Office Assistant
Office Associate
Office Clerk
Office Coordinator
Office Manager
Office Occupations Trainee
Office Specialist
Operations Communications Specialist I and II
Operations Communications Specialist Trainee
Operations Technician
Paralegal Assistant
Performance Management Analyst
Personnel Manager
Photogrammetrist I through IV
Physician Specialist Operations A through D
Planning Director
Plant Maintenance Engineer 1 and 2
Policy Advisor
Policy Analyst I through IV
Power Shovel Operator (Maintenance)
Principal Economist
Principal Internal Auditor
Principal Scientist
Private Secretary
Private Secretary 1 and 2
Private Secretary I through III
Procurement Representative
Professor & Scientist
Program Manager
Program Specialist
Project Coordinator
Project Designer
Project Manager
Project Manager I through III
Project Manager/Technical Specialist I thru III
Project Specialist I through IV
Projects Director
Property & Supply Clerk I through III
Property Control Officer
Public Administration Intern
Public Information Coordinator
Public Information Officer
Public Information Officer 2 through 4
Public Service Administrator
Race Track Maintenance 1 and 2
Radio Technician Program Coordinator
Realty Specialist I through V
Regional Manager
Regulatory Accountant IV
Reimbursement Officer 1 and 2
Representative I and II
Representative Trainee
School Construction Manager
Secretary I and IV
Security Guard
Security Supervisor
Senior Administrative Assistant
Senior Economic Analyst
Senior Editor
Senior Electrical Engineer
Senior Financial & Budget Assistant
Senior Gas Engineer
Senior Human Resources Specialist
Senior Policy Analyst
Senior Programs Analyst
Senior Project Consultant
Senior Project Manager
Senior Public Information Officer
Senior Public Service Administrator
Senior Rate Analyst
Senior Technical Assistant
Senior Technical Supervisor
Senior Technology Specialist
Senior Transportation Industry Analyst
Sewage Plant Operator
Sign Hanger
Sign Hanger Foreman
Sign Painter
Sign Shop Foreman
Silk Screen Operator
Site Superintendent
Software Architect
Special Assistant
Special Assistant to the Executive Director
Staff Development Specialist I
Staff Development Technician II
State Police Captain
State Police Lieutenant
State Police Major
State Police Master Sergeant
Stationary Engineer
Stationary Engineer Assistant Chief
Stationary Engineer Chief
Stationary Fireman
Statistical Research Specialist 1 through 3
Statistical Research Supervisor
Statistical Research Technician
Steward Secretary
Storekeeper I through III
Stores Clerk
Student Intern
Student Worker
Supervisor & Assistant Scientist
Supervisor & Associate Scientist
Switchboard Operator 1 through 3
Systems Developer I through IV
Systems Developer Trainee
Systems Engineer I through IV
Systems Engineer Trainee
Tariff & Order Coordinator
Tariff Administrator III
Tariff Analyst IV
Teacher of Barbering
Teacher of Beauty Culture
Technical Advisor 2 and 3
Technical Advisor I through VII
Technical Analyst
Technical Assistant
Technical Manager 1
Technical Manager I through IX
Technical Manager I through X
Technical Specialist
Technical Specialist I thru III
Technical Support Specialist
Technician Trainee
Telecom Systems Technician 1 and 2
Telecom Systems Analyst
Telecom Systems Consultant
Telecommunication Supervisor
Trades Tender
Training Coordinator
Transportation Counsel
Transportation Industry Analyst III
Transportation Industry Customer Service
Transportation Officer
Transportation Policy Analyst III and IV
Urban Planner I through VI
Utility Engineer I and II
Veteran Secretary
Veteran Technician
Water Engineer I through IV
Water Plant Operator
Web and Publications Manager

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