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   Retiree Corner   

Retiree Corner

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In January, the Office of the Comptroller mails IRS Form 1099-R for 2020 SERS benefit payments to all annuitants and survivors. These payments must be reported on IRS Form 1040 under the Income section (Pensions and annuities).

Newsletters providing annuitants and beneficiaries with information and policy changes.


   Fact Sheets   

  • Form 101 | Nomination of Beneficiary
    This form is used to designate beneficiaries to receive any lump-sum death benefits payable from the State Employees Retirement System (SERS) in the event of your death.
  • Form 501 | Change of Information
    This form is used when a member needs to change their information with SERS, such as a change of address or a name change.
  • Form 3867 | Direct Deposit Account Change
    This form is used when a member needs to update their direct deposit to a new bank account number, while keeping the same bank and routing number.
  • Form 3967 | Direct Deposit
    This form is used to set up Direct Deposit for a member's benefit payments (for a new bank).
  • Form 3965 | Illinois State Income Tax Withholding
    This form is used to withhold state taxes from a member's benefit payments (Optional, please note all SERS benefits are state tax exempt.)
  • Form W-4P | Federal Withholding Certificate for Pension of Annuity Payments
    This form is used to withhold federal taxes from a member's benefit payments.



Federal Income Tax Withholding
If you need to change the amount of your federal tax withholding, you must submit a new W-4P to SERS. The new W-4P may be submitted at any time throughout the year.

You should contact a qualified tax advisor or an IRS representative at 800-829-1040 with questions about your taxes, including withholdings.

Taxation of Your Retirement Annuity
Illinois law exempts all SERS benefits from state income tax. However, benefits are subject to federal income tax. If your federal tax withholding information is not on file with SERS, taxes are withheld using the rate for a married person with three exemptions.

Each year, the Comptroller’s office is required to send you a 1099-R form showing the total annuity amount you received during the past year, as well as any taxes withheld.

W-4P Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit the MyBenefits website to make enrollment decisions, view/change current coverage, and find plan administrator information.  For further assistance please contact MyBenefits, Monday through Friday (8am-6pm CST), at 844-251-1777.

For assistance with Medicare, please contact the CMS Medicare Unit at 217-782-7007.

   Retirement Annuity (Pension)  

   Who to Contact  

First Retirement Annuity Payment
SERS processes your first annuity payment after we receive your pension application and other required information from your agency. The normal processing time is 8-10 weeks from the date you leave service.

The first annuity payment will either be mailed to your home or electronically deposited into your account by the Comptroller’s office. You will also receive a Notice of Preliminary Retirement Annuity Approval letter, which contains information about your pension.

Future Retirement Annuity Payments
Future annuity payments are mailed on the 19th of each month, unless the 19th is on a weekend or holiday, when they are mailed on the last working day before the 19th. If your payment is mailed directly to your home, allowing 30 days for delivery.

If you have not received your payment after the 30 days, call SERS. Failure to advise SERS of an address change may result in a delayed payment.

Increases for Retirees (Tier 1)
SERS retirees receive a 3% increase to their pensions on January 1 following their first full year of retirement, or age 60, whichever is later. Future increases of 3% of your current pension will also be made each January 1 thereafter. Future increases are not limited by the 75% maximum.

If you retired using the Rule of 85, you are eligible for your first increase on January 1 following your first full year of retirement, even if you are not age 60. If you retired under the alternative formula, you will receive a 3% increase to your pension on January 1 following your first full year of retirement or age 55, whichever is later. Future increases are not limited by the 80% maximum.

If you chose the COLA buyout option when you retired, the 1.5% increases are applied on January 1.

Contact the State Employees' Retirement System
Contact our call center at 217-785-7444, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or email for questions about:

  • Overpayments for Disability/Pension/Survivor
  • Annuity/ARCP Benefits
  • Incorrect Insurance Premium Deductions
  • Dependent Deaths
  • Opt Out Financial Incentive
  • W2-GI+
  • Reciprocal Retirement Systems Service
  • Address Discrepancy Regarding Insurance
  • Change of Address/Name Requests
  • Income Verifications
  • Member Fraud Alerts
  • POA/Guardianship/Executor/Trust Inquiries
  • Taxes and Other Deductions
  • 1099Rs

Contact MyBenefits 
Contact or the MyBenefits Service Center (toll-free) (844)251-1777 or (TTY toll-free) (844)251-1778, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CST for questions about:

  • Changing/Opting out of Health Coverage
  • Making Changes to your MAPD Plan
  • Amounts of Coverage & Requests to Increase/Decrease
  • Life Insurance
  • Adding/Dropping Dependents
  • Insurance Premiums

Contact the Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS)
Contact the CMS Medicare Unit – (217)782-7007, the CMS Member Services Unit – (217)558-4486, the CMS Premium Collection Unit – (217)558-4783, or CMS General (toll-free) – (800)442-1300 for questions about:

  • Medicare
  • Insurance Claims
  • Insurance Premium Payments for Leave of Absence

Contact Minnesota Life/Securian Financial
Contact Minnesota Life/Securian Fiancial at (toll-free) (888)202-5525 or (TDD/TTY) (800)526-0844 for questions about:

  • Life Insurance
  • Beneficiaries, Payment of Claims & Assignments


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