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Bruce Rauner, Governor

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General Information

Claims Division

Kathy Yemm, manager
Janice Weathers

Disability Section

Don Williams, supervisor
Erin Moore
Bob Deckard
Lori Benedict
Kelly Purlee
Mendy Riddle
P. J. Budd
Amy Little

Insurance Section

Patti Casey, supervisor
Sheryll Clark
Julie Harms
Beth Maney
Mike Martin
Sue Leadley

Pension/Death Section

Cory Mitchelle, acting supervisor
Krystal Day
Adam Rainis
Ben Doerfler
Neal Young
Sheri Janson
Jason Anderson
Joe Ruzic

Vouchering Section

Julie Stites acting supervisor
Brenda Bain
Jill Naumovich
Jennifer Paoni
Debbie Ray

Accounting Division

Alan Fowler, manager
Nancy Burklow
Nancy George
Jim Kemp
Kristi Conrad
Julie Remack
Hope Schien
Aaron True
Sandy Rapp
Cori Wright

Field Services Division

Springfield Office
Dave Thompson, manager
David Bain
Shelly Clardy
Amanda Flatt
Hannah Bettis
Tina Sibert
Cathy McGrath
Chicago Office
Barbara Baird
LaVondra Hinton
Vanessa Martin

Service & Refunds Division

Joe Maggio, manager
Laura Carroll
Charles Ketchum
Aster Kristos
Vacant (service)

Social Security Division

Diane Huls

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General Information
Claims Division
Disability Section
Insurance Section
Pension/Death Section
Payroll Section
Accounting Division
Field Services Division
Service/Refunds Division
Social Security Division

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