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NewsFlash Archive

The electronic newsletter for Retirement & Payroll Coordinators of the State of Illinois

75 Day Return to Work Reminder
Call Center Announcement and Resignation Refund Policy Change
Call Center Update, Disability Benefits and RC & Signature Designee Reminder
Disability overpayment information
2018 Statements

Sept. 10

Workshop email issues

Oct. 2

NCPERS Open Enrollment (Retirement Coordinators & Payroll Coordinators)

Oct. 2

NCPERS Open Enrollment (Communication to employees)
Cathy McGrath leaving SERS (Retirement Coordinator)   
Cathy McGrath leaving SERS (Payroll Coordinator)   
2017 Statements
NCPERS Open Enrollment (Retirement Coordinators & Payroll Coordinators)
NCPERS Open Enrollment (Communication to employees)
Form changes
Holiday time lump sum payments (Retirement Coordinator)   
Holiday time lump sum payments (Payroll Coordinator)
Submitting 3900 Form
75 Day Return to Work Reminder
2016 Statements
NCPERS Open Enrollment (Retirement Coordinators & Payroll Coordinators)
NCPERS Open Enrollment (Communication to employees)
Retirement Coordinator Workshops
December Webinars
Returning to Work; Personnel Changes    
New Member Website   
Disability Benefits
SERS Forms
75 Day Return to Work Announcement
Retirement Coordinators Training
Voluntary Group Term Life Insurance (NCPERS)
Reminder "75 days Return to Work"
NCPERS open enrollment
Reminder "75 days Return to Work" for Retirement Coordinators
Reminder "75 days Return to Work" for Payroll Coordinators
Returning to Work Documents
ETC Workshop; Correspondence
Member Website
Employer Website
Employer Website for Retirement Coordinators
Employer Website Training
New Employee Reminder; Field Services News
New Field Staff; Phone Numbers
ETC Workshop; Correspondence
Returning to Work Documents
NCPERS Enrollment Period
SERS Phone Calls
Low Workshop Enrollment
New Employee Reminder
Online Workshop Registration
Welcome Amy
Online Workshop Registration
Online Registration Form
Online Registration Q & A's
Retroactive Pay
Returning to Work Documents
Retirement Applications/Form 3900
New Employee/Packets/Workshops
Claim Notification Form
IYF Workshop
Tier 2 Legislation
Qualifying Period
75-Day Return to Work
Employer Contribution Rate
ETC Workshop Enrollment
Employer Contribution Rate
Tier Determination
Qualifying Periods
Payroll Bulletin
Low Workshop Enrollment
NCPERS Life Insurance Enrollment
Disability Procedure/Suspension of TTD Benefits
Vickie Haas Retirement
NCPERS Enrollment Ends
75-Day Return to Work
Member Education
NCPERS Voluntary Group Term Life Insurance
Additional CDR Workshop
Workshop Information
75-Day Nonpermanent Employment
Workshop Changes
Tier 2 Benefits
Workshop Update
New Email Address
Retirement Application Changes
75-Day Employment
Social Security Offset
Upcoming RC Meetings
Follow-Up to RC Meetings
2010 Workshops
Workshop Cancellation
75-Day Employment; Website Features
Online Retirement Application; Service Calculator
2008 CDRs
Automated 1404 Form
FY09 Contribution Rate
Online Disability Application
Altered SERS Forms
Deferred Annuitant Retirement Packet
Field Rep. Leaving
75-Day Employment
Senate Bill 36
Update on SB 36; Field Services Fax
Workshop Additions
Contribution Rate
SERS Fax Numbers
Returned Statements
2009 Contribution Rates
Online Forms
NCPERS Life Insurance; Flu Shots
RC Regional Meetings
75-Day Employment
2006 ARCP
RC Information; Felony Convictions
Workshop Cancellations
2005 ARCP, Group Insurance
Payroll Officers
Employer Cont. Rate; Form 3904
Senate Bill 1442; Website Update
Pending Legislation
First Edition; Misc. Issues

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