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   Notice of Creditable Coverage   


Medicare Part D Notice of Creditable Coverage

In October Central Management Services (CMS) will mail the NOC (Notice of Creditable Coverage) to Medicare Eligible Plan Participants (or those who may become Medicare Eligible in the near future) enrolled in the State of Illinois Group Insurance Program. This document advises Medicare beneficiaries whether prescription drug coverage through the Group Insurance Program is creditable, meaning that coverage is the same or better than the Medicare Part D benefit. The Notice prevents you from being penalized if you enroll in Medicare Part D at a later date. The Group Insurance Program will provide you with a Notice of Creditable Coverage every fall prior to the annual Medicare Part D enrollment.

Remember: Keep the NOC that you receive in the mail. If you enroll in one of the new plans approved by Medicare which offers prescription drug coverage after May 15, 2006, you must provide a copy of this notice when you enroll in order to avoid a higher premium amount.

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